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10 Jul 2020

In Malawi recently we have seen an emergent of different talented Disk Jockeys(DJ) across all the regions.Unlike in the past being a DJ is now considered to be fashionable.Maybe that explains why almost every millenial wants to be a DJ.

In Malawi top DJs includes VJ Ken (who is also a cinematographer) and DJ Mask to mention just a few.

However there is new kid on the block that every one should look out for who goes by the name of DJ Rio.

Real name Cyril Daniel Rio Makwinja, Dj Rio resides in the Capital City of Malawi, Lilongwe. Apart from being a DJ, DJ Rio is also a Graphic Designer.

He did his primary school at St Johns Priamary, Good Shephard International School and then Holy Rosary.Currently he is still pursuing his studies at Mtendere Secondary School.

He started Djaying at a tender age of 7 in 2010 after being inspired by his father.In 2013 he decided to take his passion for DJaying to another level.

"I started teaching myself how to do it, and then in 2017 i met a certain DJ known as Dr. Mayhem(Now a rapper based in South Africa) who helped me a lot.He gave me good tips on how I can become a better DJ," said DJ Rio.

In 2019 he got intoduced to big Djays in the land like VJ Ice and DJ Mask who had a positive impact on his career.In addition to that he also got his first radio mix at Timveni radio In the same year. His dream is to work with more big DJs in the world such as Ice and TNS from South Africa.

DJ Rio extends his gratitude to his dayones like Small Shaq(Graphic designer), his partner DJ Phantom, 360 Visuals and Hyke(producer) for being there for him.

Despite facing so many hurdles DJ Rio has10 mixtapes on his name comprising of different generes. He advices his fellow upcoming Djays to focus on their careers and mind their on businesses if they would like to make it at the top level.

DJ Rio has shown that he is not in the game for jokes but to make it to the Top.Most of the Top notch DJs acknowledge that the young and passionate DJ has a unique style which sets him apart from rest of his contemporaries and has a bright future.

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